Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Christmas Time in the City

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. I know "cliche" but for me it really is. I love decorations (even though Jessica and I haven't had time to put out as many as usual), Christmas carols (specifically "Carol of the Bells"), Santa Clause and Christmas movies. My favorite has always been Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with Burl Ives. Just the other day Reed pulled it out of the cabinet and brought it to me. I almost cried. Okay not really but I did put it in and we sat down and watched.

So why is Christmas my favorite time of the year. Is it the spirit of giving? Is it the time of good cheer? Is it the celebration of Jesus' birth? Well all of the above. It's the time of year when everybody seems to be cheerful and happy. People are shaking off another year of hard work.
Most getting a week or so break before bouncing back in after the new year. People deck their homes with greenery and lights. Driving up the street you see wreaths dressed in bows and berries. What is not to love?

So I say for the next week we throw away our worries, forget about whether the government is going to bail out the automakers and make the United Auto Workers disband and just revel in the glory of Christmas. Yes, I know the economy is struggling, I know we all are having to cut back just to stay afloat and I know that we are now "officially" in a recession. We will have plenty of time to worry about that but society only gives us this month to act like kids in a candy store.

I'm turning off the news if I see President Bush dodging shoes one more time. If I hear one more thing about how the UAW are going to have to cut their effective rate of $75 an hour down if the government passes the bail out, well I think I'll just scream. I want to hear about Jesus' birth. I want to hear how Rudolph saved the day by flying Santa's sleigh through the thick fog. I want to hear about cattle lowing and the baby awaking. I want to enjoy my savior's birth and my family's good cheer. Will you please join me?